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**OUT NOW** Angelcide - Black Metal Terrorism Blackened Death metal enchanted with an undead spell of merciless savagery! Lone wolves arise and hear the anthem of non-conforming harsh melodies that sail upon the seas of mediocrity! **Digi Pack**

**OUT NOW** Vardan - Piercing Cold Distance A sullen storm front of cold and bitterness that has been called forth once again! A appalling opus of chilling black metal interwove with depression and bleakness! **Digi Pack**

**OUT NOW** Seges Findere The troops of utter sonic terror unleash this irrevocable weapon of destruction, a guttural blast that spawns straight from the festering mouth of belial. A Nuklear winter of Brutality and black metal fallout! **Digi Pack**

**OUT NOW** Tir - Mountains Dark Ambient Folk music not for the trendy of heart. A gloomy majestic synth voyaged! Digi Pack format

**OUT NOW** Dark Plague - Sadism Sadistic French Black metal that shall desecrate your flesh and immolate your soul.

**OUT NOW** Neoheresy - Oblawa Oblawa, delivers pagan folk music in a very creative and expansive manner in which it captivates the listener with a feeling of an age long ago!

**OUT NOW** Wargoatcult - The Law of Kalashnikov Though a barrage of chemical gas and a blitzkrieg of strikes bellows this satanic onslaught of pure raw satanic black war metal

Seges Findere - Morbid Desecration - Never stop the Hate Split CD Seges Findere - Godly Brazillian NSBM! Absolute hatred and violence! Morbid Desecration - Brazilian War Metal this unrelenting raw and deadly! Digi pack version

Antiquus Scriptum - In Pulverem Reverteris MCD Unique black metal, ambiance and symphonic music nailed with pagan overtones. This is a repress of the original demo tape! A melodic lure of primal incantations

Aegeon - Devouring the Sun CD Atmospheric Black Metal hailing from Finland. Feel the touch of the sadness and utter anguish as these unholy tracks echo the lamentation of the suffering. The Light has been extinguished!

**OUT NOW** Neoheresy - Potop Digi CD The Latest release from this polished based symphonic black metal unit. The lone member produces a medieval enchanting curse of somber and melancholy. Those who seek a deep moving despondent release look no further!

**OUT NOW** Angelcide - Hunting Astral Prey Digi CD
Armed with sadistic vocals, warlike brutality and elite musicianship, Angelcide has begun its most horrific onslaught of black metal terrorism!Former vocalist/guitarist of Abazagorath. This offering of total immolation embraced in digipack limited format

**OUT NOW** SEGES FINDERE - Warmastered by Deathkorps Digi CD
Merciless terror war metal firing with absolute hatred and violence! Digi pack version

Bitter Peace - Ashes of Oppression CD
A carpet bombing of devastating black metal war hymns that will leave your soul immolated upon a bloody bayonet. Third and newest offering in Digi pack format. The war is here!

DeathCraft-Unsalvation Split Digi CD
Ultra-violent raw Anti-Christianity summoned in the old ways, featuring both bands demo release's on Digi cd Unsalvation - Fall of the Tetragrammaton Demo (Finland) Deathcraft - Supreme Black Arts of Death (Spain)

Aegeon - Nocturnal Glorification
Finnish black metal so cold and wretched that a deluge of sorrow will shadow your diminutive soul and cause it to writhe in utter anguish

transformed from the legendary band Hellveto to reflect the new blackened symphonic folk path the band has captured. This is a monumental releases and a composition of pure musical magic!

LAIR - Black Moldy Brew Old Ukrainian Raw Black Metal. Insane vocals accompanied by chilling and buzz saw guitars all stirring in a cauldron of filth!

DARK AGES - Rabble, Whores, Usurers
The Final chapter of this dark symphony has reached the land of the living. Seven tracks of dark ambient depression and sin that shall fill your psyche with utter depravity. The whores and rats are upon you!

SEGES FINDERE - Hateful Wargasm
Raw and bitter black/death! From the harsh blood soaked battle field rises Seges Findere with their latest audio assault. Brutality as it should be, unrelenting and fierce.

DARK AGES - Chronicle of the Plague
Dark Ambient compositions inspired by sickness horrors of the Middle Ages. Remastered and with new full color booklett .

Blacken death metal that trumpets the coming of the bloodthirsty war machines! A wanton blitzkrieg of sonic brutality.

Absurd - Life Beyond the Grave: 1992-1994
Double CD featuring the four demo recordings of the Tyrants of German Black Metal, plus the demo of Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus (project of Wolf) as bonus. Remastered by TT (Abigor).

BITTER PEACE - Glorificus Vis
A blitzkrieg of devastating old style Black Metal sure to run the rivers red blood and scorch the earth into a dead carcass of ash.

EVOKEN - Embrace The Emptiness
This doom classic unleashed once more! An avalanche of dark emotional doom played in the old ways. Over an hour of remorseless funeral hymns that shall resonate within your soul. True darkness and despair. For all fans of Thergothon and old style doom .

HATE FOREST - To Twilight Thickets
Re-mastered and enchanted with a new 12 page booklet in the pattern of murky gloom reminiscent of classic Hate Forest! CD includes the seminal demos -The Curse- and –Temple Forest- 16 tracks, over an hour of elite Black Metal/Ambient compositions

BEKHIRA - Demo96, Elite French black metal, this classic demo on Digital format with bonus track. Released in Europe by Darker than Black.

AD HOMINEM -Dictator. 4th full length of the most extreme French black metal project. *First copies come with limited poster*

AD HOMINEM - Planet Zog and ...For a New Wold. French Totalitarian Black Metal. Comes in a DVD shell case which includes the Planet Zog and ...For a New world.CDs

THOTH - From the Abyss of Dungeons of darkness. The poison for men! Full of hatred and cold as Death herself, born in the divine forge of Lower Silesia. Featuring: Necro (Othar) Krzysztof (Dark Fury) Darken (graveland)

ABAZAGORATH BLOODSTORM – Ancient Entities Arise. Misanthropist Abazagorath and Occultist’s Necro-thrashers Bloodstorm present 3 new unreleased tracks!

Black Wolves of Armaggedon

Metal hit Elegy mp3

Reverbnation Elegy

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